sam and emily

I go out to bars and clubs full of hot women but I just can’t always make myself approach them. In fact, I rarely can and new friends don’t understand how frustrating that is. I’m going to be a vain twat here, but I’m a good looking lad and people expect me to pull. Sorry to say that.

I can tell you that, because other people tell me. But deep down I don’t believe it at all. On top of that, no-one is going to want a clumsy, awkward short-arse with a learning difficulty who doesn’t understand people. This is my mentality, which surprises most people.

Once in an occasional while I snap out that and think fuck it, let’s try. Then I end up pulling stupidly hot women. Then it ends. But people see me doing this and assume I can do this a lot, that it’s normal or me. So when I can’t, they don’t understand and they’re disappointed in me. Which makes me disappointed in myself and in turn I’m less inclined to talk to women.

With it being January, the whole city will be quiet. I have no plans for nights out until the 29th, so I might be a little quiet myself…

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