A girl I briefly met in 2012 has come back after working abroad for 3 years.


We’ve been briefly talking on Facebook over the years, leaving birthday messages etc, promising to meet up when she gets back etc. Well, the girl- we’ll call her CM- came back this month. She’s beautiful, with long dark hair and big fake boobs. She’s pretty ideal aside from being a smoker. Last night I met up with her in Spinningfields and a few friends (some mutual, some new) and took them to the local celeb haunt.

It’s tough on the door and they ALWAYS need ID, no matter how old you are. The oldest woman there didn’t have it, and was amazed it was a requirement. Seriously, though, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you should be able to prove who you are one way or another. They took a scan of her bank card or something.

Inside the lavish spending of some of the customers- coupled with the commercial RnB- didn’t strike a chord with my ladies. They went on to Revolucion De Cuba like EVERY FUCKING PERSON I KNOW does, despite it being a SHITHOLE. I had previously said I wasn’t going to stay late, so made my excuses. I didn’t get anywhere with CM. Good to catch up with some others.

CM is planning on moving to London. I tried to convince her otherwise- not sure I;ve done a good job. Rambled on like a twat, it rained loads and I didn’t have a coat (but stopped as soon as I got indoors). Tried getting pics taken with them but we were already in the celeb haunt by that time, and they didn’t want to be photographed there. Shambles.

I totally see, though, why the celeb haunt isn’t for everyone. It’s pretentious as fuck,full of wannabes and overpriced.

Which is why I love it.

I’ll stay in touch with CM though and work my charms. God help me.

One thought on “A girl I briefly met in 2012 has come back after working abroad for 3 years.

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