Somebody sneezed on my dick last night.


It was in a Japanese-themed bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, in particular at the urinals. Gross. Good bar though, with a fair few decent women. It was absolutely rammed, as well, which you wouldn’t expect on a freezing, piss-wet-through night in January.

Some other guy was convinced he knew me from somewhere, but we couldn’t place where. I didn’t recognise him at all. I’ve just got one of those faces.

Managed to approach and talk to one girl but still felt incredibly clumsy. Didn’t get anywhere. Ridiculous considering- and I’m sorry to be the one to say this- I’m a pretty decent-looking bloke.

I need to do more going out during the week. Tinder is bullshit, too many flaky women. Or it’s just me. Face to face is a better way. I’ve got 2 nights out next weekend. I MUST step forward.

Oh, and the team meeting was surprisingly peaceful. Thought it was going to go off big time. 1-to-1 on the horizon. May not be so pleasant.

CM is going to live in London, so that was short-lived. May go out with her one more time before she does, for what it’s worth.

MH has a boyfriend now, after weeks of professing she’s determined to stay single. I saw her in the members bar, she said she was seeing him but she wasn’t sure for how long. Who knows.

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