Went out with my sorta ex RJS on Friday.


She’s not got much money so we ended up in some DODGY places that I really wasn’t comfortable in. She’s tight for cash having moved back from down south. However, she introduced me to her mate who was a bit dumpy but pretty enough, and had HUGE tits. Size G or something.

I was practically coercing her to pull the zip down on her top. RJS was encouraging me to do something with her but I wasn’t sure how into me she was, nor how into her I was. I think actually shagging her would have been a bit weird, and besides, I’d rather know someone first. I’ve always found shagging someone straight away to have its problems (as you’ll be more than aware if you’ve been reading for a while). But I think it was alcohol making me a bit hornier than I should have been.

I’ve made it clear to RJS that I won’t be back to the places we went to, and that if we’re doing nights out on a budget there are other places that aren’t that bad that are still cheap. Trade Moon Under the Water for Waterhouse, another Wetherspoons, or for Baa Bar for £1 shooters (or are they more now?).

I’m still using online social groups to stay social, as there are so few people available to go out. My best girl mate SW wants me to come to Stalybridge with her as our mate BD is DJing there, but I won’t as Stalybridge is a SHITHOLE. Her night won’t take off, I guarantee. She’s a great DJ but it’s the wrong town for her music.

So the quest for mates and a social life and sex goes on…

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