Well, after spending another 7 months on an NHS waitlist…



…I’ve finally got an appointment with a psychosexual therapist called CK. It’s on the other side of the city, it’s 2 trams away and it’s on a day I can’t do as I’m in work (I work part time.)

My manager knows about my depression (but not, unsurprisingly, about my porn addiction). I need to ask my manager about changing my hours, but also I need to ask the NHS if there’s a different day she can do in case I can’t change. I also thought that she did some sessions closer to my area, according to someone in the NHS I’d spoken to. I’ve rang, and spoken to a receptionist. I am waiting for a callback. They’ll probably phone me when I’m at the gym or with family or something.

I’m much more social and active than I was in 2014 when I was in Psychological Therapies. I’ve found many more social groups and events to get involved with, so the sessions should be more productive than they were previously. We’ll have examples to work with. Progress will be made!

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