Friday drinks = great bars, bad sex

Went out for drinks on Friday with a couple of girl mates I’ve met through an online social group. RJS came too so I introduced them when she got there. We started in Artisan, where there was no queue at the bar, among many other reasons to like it, and I had a French Martini and then we went next door to Manchester House, which I hadn’t been to before. Stunning views of the city. We decided on moving to the Northern Quarter, where there are less expensive places, and we dropped into the top end of the area to El Capo (fascinating Mexican-themed décor) where I saw a Nate Diaz lookalike and where RJS found us. The other girls- SK and JC- didn’t get on with her so well. RJS can be a bit dizzy sometimes. I dunno. They told me they thought she was annoying. She can be sometimes in all honesty.

SK and JC went to a house party and RJS and I headed to Lost in Tokyo. I like it there because of the women, but it occurred to me once there that I was already with one so I couldn’t go sarging exactly. It was an opportunity to sample a few Japanese whiskies, which I did at length. Then we left and bought an absurdly large amount of takeaway food and got a taxi back to mine.

I just wanted sleep. But we ended up molesting each other. I’m surprised I stayed hard to be honest. Especially considering I violently spewed up the next morning.

Like an idiot I’ve written some fiction on my eponymous blog and needed a name for a dodgy female character and used RJS’ first name, and she’s text me now asking if it’s about her. It definitely isn’t, but her name must have been in my mind. She’s cool about it, but I’m really embarrassed. Oh well.

Need to stay away from alcohol.

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