Well I did have another meeting with my psychosexual therapist CK,

 …but I didn’t get a chance to discuss the girl from the rave. There wouldn’t have been much to discuss anyway- she didn’t respond to my texts.

Instead, I covered an ongoing issue- or debacle- in work, one that involves convos around sex and, and it’s one I don’t want to bang on about here. I’d had the book thrown at me, but CK admitted she didn’t think I’d been that bad. It felt good getting things off my chest and getting solid advice on how to move forward.

It’s annoying that now I’m finally getting advice on sex, I’m having to talk about work as that’s the biggest stress-factor in my life right now. I was supposed to go out on Friday but I was in a bad state physically, a nasty cough and no energy. So my next meeting with her will be mostly about how to cut down on porn. There’ll be no nightlife to discuss.

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