Well. I found a group for sex addicts…


But I can’t link it up for anonymity reasons. It was a ballache to find though. Psychosexual therapist CK put me onto it. The group wouldn’t let me make any notes, though, so I could only take away from it what I could remember or understand.

Mostly guys. One girl. She was fit though. Would it be bad to fire into her? Fuck it, the narrator of Choke nailed people at sex addiction.

They were pretty cool with me not being a sex addict but a porn addict. Plenty of others discussed porn.

We took turns to discuss what we were dealing with. A simple raising of the hand from another member indicates that they aren’t comfortable with what you’re saying. I got flagged pretty much straight away, being my typical oversharing self. Interesting group. A bit too happy clappy and religious for me, but I’m going to stick at it. They’re a friendly welcoming bunch. Just wish they’d keep God out of it. They’ve given me a starter pack to read. Not sure how much it will help.

Went for a coffee with everyone (except the girl, who went home) and swapped numbers with one of the older guys. I can talk to him if I need help. Everyone was very welcoming.

The meeting is early at the weekend, though, which is a pain. I need to go out to meet people, and Friday nights are good for that. Saturday morning I got up and got into town exhausted.

So we’ll have to see how it goes. Also, the Friday before this I met some girl in the street and pulled her. We’ll call her V. Massive tits. A few years older than me. Went to her mate’s house and she started arguing with her mate for some reason. Something to do with her inviting people to her mate’s house, which was a bit weird. I’m really suspicious about her but I’ll still try and shag her.

Need to get out again and meet more people.

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