Just having a quick butchers on Statusbrew… found celeb followers!


I may only have meagre 273 followers on Twitter but in and among them are some… interesting people. I’ve used Statusbrew, to find out who my biggest followers are. It’s a site that allows you to analyse your Twitter account and follow / unfollow people with greater ease.

Another interesting technique that you can do with Statusbrew is to check who your biggest followers are. You might find some interesting names that you might not have noticed previously.

Go to the left hand column on Statusbrew where you’ll find a series of links. Under FOLLOWERS, you’ll find ‘Everyone following you.’ click this. Now go to the right hand side, to the ‘Sort by’ drop-down box. Choose ‘Followers’ and ‘Descending’. This shows you, from top to bottom, who has the most followers out of those that follow you. So who’ve I got?

Ace Event Photos takes the top spot, with 1.03 million followers. They photograph airshows, mostly.

Second up is cam girl Charlotte Fox, a hot blonde Liverpudlian with 270K followers.

In third, we have Car Porn, showcasing some of the nicest sports cars. 232K followers.

Porn Star Tweet allow you to see which of the porn stars are tweeting right now, and also provides an alphabetical list of actors and actresses from the industry with links to their Twitter accounts. 171K.

I also have a shitload of porn stars following me, including Charlee Chase at 152K, Lucy Love at 107K, and Katie K at 45K.

I started this post because I just realised that dance group 99 Souls are following me! Their remix / bootleg of The Boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica, and Girl by Destiny’s Child, is an improvement on both. I’ts called The Girl is Mine.


Statusbrew is well worth having a look around, even if just to unfollow a load of people / declutter your tweet feed / balance out your followings to followers. Get on it!

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