I’ve had my final meeting with CK.


I’m out of psychosexual therapy, and out on my own. But I’m not cured.

I had my last meeting this week. I discussed meeting V, the slightly dodgy girl I met on Deansgate a while back. CK put things into perspective for me.

A drunk girl grabs you on the street, tells you you’re fit and you end up going to a house with her… and you’re disappointed that you can’t have a relationship with her. Do you realise how absurd that is Pat? Of course she’s not going to be right for you!”

I mentioned the sex addicts group that she’d suggested, and how I’d had some issues with it. CK had suspected there’d be a religious slant to it. She suggested I take what works from it, ditch the rest, but keep going. I’ve got the next one booked in.

She suggests I keep reading the Paula Hall info. Hall has books out on Amazon but they all seem to be partner-related and not really tailored to me. CK says, keep checking the forums on Hall’s site. STILL nobody seems to be talking on this.

I’ll be getting a call from Mindfulness now that my last session is complete.

Important lesson when approaching women: always remember that she might be a bitch, and possibly not with approaching. Always think that she might not be right for me anyway, so it doesn’t matter if she turns me down- there’s a good chance I might do that to her after approaching her anyway.

CK will write to my GP to update him. She’ll copy me in but she won’t be specific.

So that was the final meeting. I can go back if I want and the waitlist won’t be anywhere near as long as it was.

So. The weekend came and it was time to put these theories into practice. On Friday night I fell asleep and woke up at midnight, to the sound of my mate PM Facebooking me asking me if I was out. Gutted. But Saturday night I made it out to meet him and other mate NP, so we started in Oast House (very busy) and moved on to Artisan, with it’s incredible décor, women, view of Spinningfields and drinks. I’m turning into a bit of a fiend for the place. Anyway, PM brought his mate, an Indian girl with big boobs called SS. She was pretty fit, but she was keen to wingwoman me, although we did flirt. I saw a blonde with huge tits that I’d love to have approached, but I hesitated. She did not, and went over for me, which was as embarrassing as you’d imagine. Big Boobed Blonde wasn’t interested, though. SS was surprised and thought she was stuck up- I thought the situation was typical. This illustrates the problem that I have, which CK picked up on- it’s probably not to do with me if she’s giving me the brush-off- it’s her. Although if I don’t go to said girl myself, I’d expect nothing other than rejection.

she was sat right here

She was sat right here

I’m talking online to SS at the mo. Will have to keep busy and stay social with more online events midweek. The weekends are too short!

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