Managed to get to the sex addicts group again.


I’m still not convinced it’s massively helpful, but it was worth going back again. People are welcoming, but massively damaged. I didn’t get flagged this time as I kept my speaking part short, basically telling them that they were my only support now that psychotherapy was over. I felt positive after the meeting, but I had a number of problems with it.

  1. I can’t make any notes, which doesn’t suit me.

  2. There’s a religious slant, which I resent when dealing with people who have a neurological compulsion like an addiction.

  3. The steps include things like “admit our powerlessness over the addiction.” I resent this too. If we’re truly powerless we’ll never beat it. We may feel currently powerless- I know I do- but that’s what I’m trying to change, so FUCK reciting that I can’t control it.

  4. The meetings are early on Saturday mornings, which wipes out Friday nights. I need those Friday nights to practice talking to women.

  5. Cross talk is discouraged. You aren’t allowed to pass on advice to others. It’s just a time for us to talk, almost like a confession. Like we’ve sinned.

I’ll probably go again.

It’s been a quiet week due to daytime meetings, like the above aforementioned, so no nightlife stuff to discuss.

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