More problems with sex addicts groups

Went down to London as mentioned. It’s hot down there, and the capital is populated by large breasted women not wearing a great deal. I tried to get a few creep shots but it’s hard not to get busted when you’re out with your mates. The few I took didn’t come out anyway. Got nowhere with any women I tried to speak to. Enjoyed the weekend though, and intend to get back down there soon.

I also- prior to this- went to a different sex addicts group. Similar religious slant, some of the same people, a lot of number swapping for support. (I need to start phoning people, for ‘outreach’, although I’m not sure who could really help me. One or two people have already rang me.)

Still finding it a bit depressing that religion is a part of this group too, and that people here also just want to express themselves without asking for / giving advice. Was going to go to one of these different groups tonight, but wasn’t feeling it. Will still give it another shot, but doubt I’ll be a long-time member. Might see how easy / hard it is to set up my own porn addiction support group, with no religion, opportunities to give advice, and just for men only.

I won’t have any of this: “There will now be a moment’s silence to remember those that have died from this disease.” Here’s what’s wrong with this: an addiction is not a disease. It’s a compulsion. Also, nobody has died from sex addiction. They may have killed themselves, but it wasn’t specifically the sex addiction that did it- it’s their attitude to the problem that led them to suicide. It may have been an STI that killed them, like HIV, but you can get that from one person when you have no addiction. Also you could be massively addicted but bag up every time. And finally, what does going silent do? How does it help us?

They lay the Catholic guilt on thick in these meetings. I don’t need that. In fact, none of us do. Dwelling on our shortcomings will only bring us down, and that depression will only cause us to act out again.

Learning as I go along.


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