Friday disappointment

Went out on Friday to Botanist and Guilty. It was AMN’s birthday. Was really looking forward to it but when I got out I felt really self-conscious and went quiet. Dunno what was up with me. Perhaps I just wasn’t dressed in a way I wanted. Perhaps I’m tired of doing the same thing. I was sober on the night, and the last 2 times I’ve been to guilty I was hammered. Even when DMX’s Party Up came on I couldn’t get into the swing.

After a while best girl mate SW invited me out to South club as our mate BD was Djing. I hadn’t seen either of these girls in ages so I really needed to go see them. AMN was understanding. I felt much better once I got to South and loved the outdoor terrace. SW couldn’t stay long though so I saw her only for a few minutes. Dunno why you’d go out at all if you can’t do it properly. Wouldn’t you just agree to go for coffee or something? I dunno.

Anyway. Stayed in last night, out for the bank holiday tonight. Looking forward to a few cocktails. Will tell you how it goes.

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