Ah Yes. Bank Holiday Sunday


Before I get into the outrageous carnage that is last night and the night before’s antics, I meant to tell you about the Sunday night. There was no way I was staying in on a Bank Holiday, so I put it out on Facebook that I wanted to do something. My mate ZH, who’s evidently in the closet as he’s camp as fuck, responded so I agreed to go out to meet him. We hung around a few trendy bars before he said he had to go (but not before he squared up to some difficult drunk arseholes who very nearly punched his lights out. He’s quite naïve and a bit obnoxious to be fair). I managed to get in touch with a few other mates like RS and SS. We dipped into The Living Room, which I thought would be full of upmarket, difficult to approach women, but there were quite a few girls showing off there. House music and not some guy playing a piano in the corner. Must go back earlier when it’s a bit busier.

They went home too before long, but I didn’t want to yet. I headed out to Long Legs, the only strip club in Manchester in which I haven’t had a 2-girl lap dance, but it was shut. Some guy was hovering around outside. He said he’d been at the Gay Pride festival in Manchester, and had been surrounded by gays all weekend. Right now he “just wanted to see some tits.” We found Baby Platinum but I didn’t go in as I felt sure I’d been ripped off in there in the past. (Checking the blog’s archives, I had been in, but didn’t exactly get ripped off. ) So the guy went in and I went home. Will probably just meet ZH on online social group meets, not just random drinks, from now on.

Will blog this weekend later- I have much better news.

2 thoughts on “Ah Yes. Bank Holiday Sunday

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