Girl on Girl Action in Long Legs


I’d been meaning to go for a lap dance since I was in psychosexual therapy some months ago. I haven’t done, as I felt compelled to describe whatever had happened with women to therapist CK. The sessions ended in mid July, so I’ve been putting off doing this for a while.

Long Legs is possibly the only club in Manchester in which I’ve not had a girl-on-girl lap dance. It was closed Bank Holiday Sunday, so I went out purposefully around midnight on Friday night.

I’ve been trying to lose weight over the last month as some of my suit trousers stopped fitting me. It’s pretty scary gaining weight and realising it’s not muscle. I really had to cut out all the nice things from my diet and pump my body full of veg, while hammering the gym. It’s been tough, but I can now fit back into my smart clothes. As a reward, I thought I’d go get some tits in my face.

I rolled in and got a pineapple juice and got talking to a hot blonde with big boobs. She told me I smelled nice. (I was wearing Pole Position, something I picked up in The Fragrance Shop for a fiver ages ago.) I mentioned I’d been in years ago, back in ’09, with a girl who it turned out was stalking me. It looks a lot better now after a refurb at one point. I’d only had a couple of dances off one or two girls on their own. Possibly because I thought my stalker would judge me if I got a two-girl dance (she probably would have done).

Nobody judges you when you’re on your own, though, so I asked if I was allowed a 2-girl dance. She said she could do a “naughty forty” if I wanted, or I could go into VIP for half an hour.

How much is that?” I asked. “About two hundred?”

Two fifty.”

I’ve NOT got that much. A naughty forty sounds good though.”

I pointed out another girl I liked, but she was just about to give a dance to a guy. The second girl said she’d be back, but instead of waiting I spotted another gorgeous blonde, so we found a couch and the 2 girls danced for me. They touched each other’s boobs and slapped each other’s arses, and there was plenty of grinding. They smothered me with all four natural, large breasts. No boob sucking. I didn’t ask if they’d kiss. I should have offered them an extra £20. I got pretty good value for £40 though.

I can feel myself going back there soon. Might wait ’til October though. Or at least til after next payday. One of the reasons I went was an attempt to stay away from porn. To get used to being stimulated by women in the flesh. I’m still addicted, but plenty of stimulation from women in the flesh will help me turn away from the computer and porn stimulation.

And on the issue of women in the flesh, I have another blog post to put up soon.

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