After pissing and moaning about how shit everything is, what do I do? Go to a party in a swanky club full of fit birds, meet loads of them and pull one of them.

It was an event I saw advertised and the only person I managed to get to come with me was ZH, who I’d previously said I’d try to distance myself from. He drove to mine so he decided to drive us in. He was making a lot of dodgy comments, back-handed compliments (“Your dress sense is definitely getting better”) and obnoxious statements. It occurred to me I was going to have to distance myself from him. I got talking to a few people there- he’s a lot more confident than me, but I had more success in the end. There was a lot of approaching to do, and there was a handful of Z-listers, so I met a few of them. Then I got talking to a really drunk milf on the dance floor. I pulled her fairly quickly, to my credit, and we’ve added on Instagram and we’re talking. She’s from the Liverpool area, which is a bit of a trek, but I’m prepared to travel to see her. She wants to take me to a club called Playground. It’s gonna be a few weeks off yet though, so who knows.

ZH then left early in the morning, leaving about 3 suitcases and a load of bedding in my lounge. He texted me saying he’d “just remembered” he had an appointment and had to go.

I then went away for the weekend to Europe, where every doorman hated me and I couldn’t get in anywhere. The moment I got back ZH was on the phone asking to pick up his stuff.

I had said I thought ZH was gay- he’s from Liverpool but the Wirral end where it’s a little posh, so he doesn’t have the full-on Scouse accent. He’s straight, but still an arsehole. Must try harder to cut him out of my life. I’m having to add him to the ever-growing list of people excluded from my Facebook posts. (Do this with the ‘custom’ feature below ‘friends only’ or ‘public’.)

So the positive is I had a great weekend and I’ve met a fit older girl. Let’s see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Succeeding

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