Well, this week hasn’t been the best.


The drunk milf I met a couple of weeks ago is ill, so hasn’t met me. “I’m ill” is the classic excuse most women pull when they can’t be arsed any more, but she seems to still be in touch so who knows. Plenty more either way.

Disability benefit DLA has turned to PIP, which I am applying for. When I got DLA the lady helping me fill out the form really knew how to dig around to get the information out of me. This time I’ve done it with a guy who I’m not convinced was digging deep enough. It was also a bit humiliating telling my mum that the “confidence building” sessions I was having were actually psychosexual therapy. Doubt it came as a surprise, though. I’ve had to get an extension as I’m waiting for my successful DLA form to come thorough the post. That way I can see what I said and replicate it. Why they can’t just scan it in and email me the PDF I don’t know. And what the need was in changing DLA to PIP I also don’t know, as it’s the least-abused of all benefits. They just don’t want to spend money on disabled people. I’ve just come off the phone to them: they hadn’t actually requested the file when I’d asked them to, so the woman has only just done it now. The extension on the deadline has been made though. (Why do they need this deadline in place? They would be the ones paying us, so what benefit to them is there in having this deadline?)

To further humiliate disabled people, we are all being called in for a face-to-face interview to check that we aren’t lying. DLA was the least-abused credit out of all of them. Why won’t these fuckers trust us?!

I was really up for seeing a house music group at The Warehouse Project. A few mates were up for it but they then sold their tickets to get tickets for another night instead. I don’t even know the group playing that night, and forty fucking quid for a ticket is a LOT of money, so I’m probably going to duck the latter, I’ve the ticket I did buy up for resale, and I’ll not go to Warehouse Project at all. It means I can spread out my money to go to more nights out. In fact, I’ve not heard from the group I was going with so I’m wondering whether they’ve gone quiet on me.

So yeah, not the best of weeks, but I have plans for nights out etc. So let’s see how things go.

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