I went back to the aforementioned swanky club


I revisited the place I mentioned a few weeks ago – it was very different to the Thursday I went out on. It was a student night, and full of arrogant young arseholes. The door team weren’t asking for student ID so we could still get in. It says something that you can pull when you’re surrounded by models and burned-out ‘celebrities’, but you can’t when you’re in the same club and it’s full of drunk 19-year-olds. What the hell.

I saw my girl mate LS and her sister SS in there- I’ve not seen either in ages as that group splintered and fell apart. AN turned out to be an alcoholic, his girlfriend then ex-girlfriend got a new man and married him, SV shut down his Facebook but I thought he’d removed me (LS explained). I’ve no hard feelings to any of them but it looks like those days are over.

SS is absolutely stunning. Her boyfriend is a promoter at the club, and I’ve seen her wearing a branded uniform too so I assume she’s on the payroll. There were plenty of other beautiful women in there too but most of them just did not want to know. I got talking to a gorgeous Indian girl called Alisha. She wouldn’t get her picture taken with me. I think straight up asking a girl for a picture is a shit chat-up line. It worked one time, and I’ve been trying it since. I just feel like anything else would just be boring

So, yeah, different folks different folks when it comes to nightlife in Manchester. The same bar can have a totally different vibe depending what’s happening, what the music is, who’s promoting it and what night of the week it is.

In other news, my Facebook account for this blog has been phished and I’ve been locked out. They want a phone number to reopen it but I’m not compromising my anonymity, thanks. I never used Pat Bateman’s Facebook anyway. Twitter is where it’s at.

I have another blog to write that may help cut NHS wait lists. Might actually help people. Will write and upload later.

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