Well, I’ve Sent Off My PIP Form…


I’ve now applied for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) the replacement benefit for Disability Living Allowance (DLA). I’m not convinced it’s good. The guy who helped me fill it in didn’t really know what he was doing. He didn’t dig deep enough to get me to be explicit about the problems I face, and then he sometimes extrapolated and exaggerated what I had said. I had to request my successful DLA form to see what was written. There was LOADS missed off the PIP form. But it’s updated now. It’s sent off. Next up: a face-to-face interview, at which point I’ll bring in my psych assessment and a TON of other bumf. I’ll be totally honest, but I’ll be negative as FUCK to drive the point home.

But the reality is I could be poor as shit again if I’m not careful.

So what else? I’ve started on a Healthy Minds confidence building course on Thursday nights. Pretty interesting although they took a lot of the notes off us. It was mostly an introduction, with a bit of flipchart writing about what confidence-related words mean. It might help.

I have tried to approach women in bars but I’ve got nowhere. Had a pretty mint weekend with the people I went to Europe with, and with other groups, where I’ve tried to approach women but the most exciting part was doing coke in a hotel room with some bloke from London.

I’ve got my annual leave allocated to me at last, and there’s LOADS. Will make the most of it.

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