Well, I’ve been out 3 times this weekend

I’ve approached the odd girl here and there and I’ve been ignored by almost everyone I’ve tried to talk to. I think the problem here is that the celeb club is full of pretentious women, and the two house clubs are full of pillheads who aren’t interested in any guys at all. So the venues may be a problem. Dunno why I keep going back to the celeb club tbh, when I can go to a similarly upmarket venue and pull 2 times out of 3 so far.

In the first house club, I met a woman who wanted to introduce me to her niece. She showed me a picture. She was gorgeous, with big tits. I’ve added the woman on Facebook. She’s going to try and put a good word in. Maybe nothing will happen. Who knows.

In the second house club there were fit women but they were to tied up dancing, either better than I could compete with or on a stuffed podium and I couldn’t get near them. Being a dirty bastard I thought about taking some creep shots but I didn’t think I could get away with it.

So no luck with women, but there are other nights. With December rolling in, though, I don’t see many being on the cards. I’m starting to obsess about lap dances again, and about the very real possibility that I might shell out £250 for a 30 minute 2-girl dance in the VIP section of Long Legs. I’m considering taking any notes I have out of my wallet and slamming them in my cash box and keep drawing out more on nights out without spending it, until I have enough. I just don’t fancy drawing out a massive wad in one go, in case I show my bank statement to someone. A bit neurotic, but whatever. The point is, the money is there. (For the moment, at least. I still haven’t heard from DWP about PIP.)

Despite nothing happening with women, I’m really enjoying the nights out. I’m with a good crowd and I’m doing the things I want to do (aside the sex) and going to the places I want to go to. Just squeezing in a few more nights before the snow puts a halt on the proceedings. Not with the family tonight (as is my Sunday tradition) so may get out and see what’s going on later.

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