Pip appointment next week.


Not looking forward to telling someone all about my disability. I’m looking online and the reports coming out about the way some interviewers have treated disabled people, trying to gain Personal Independence Payment, have been awful. My disability gives me insomnia, and I’m pretty sure I put this on the form. Regardless, they’ve given me an appointment MILES from my home at 8 in the morning in a place I don’t know. They’re obviously rigging it against me. For the record, the problems I have are genuine and before I claimed I was ridiculously poor on a flat part time wage. I’m afraid I’m heading back that way. If so, if I’m refused, I’ll have to contest it. I actually have more evidence now proving and describing my condition, so getting it through to them should be easier not harder. DLA was hard enough to apply for- I was refused the first time- but the second time I received the benefit and it led to other support. My concern is that all this will dry up.

Or, maybe it will be fine. We don’t know.

Been in all week as I’ve felt like shit physically, so I’ve no nightlife / women info to report. Next week should yield more results.

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