As mentioned, had PIP appointment.


Discussed previously that I’m currently claiming DLA with regards to mental probs. DLA is turning to PIP for some reason, and part of the application for this benefit involves a face-to-face assessment with a doctor. I had mine the other day.

First off it was miles away at a weird time in the AM, which is hard when new places are a problem and so is insomnia (both of these I’d already admitted to DWP). It felt like they were setting me up to fail. During the assessment the doctor tried to simplify the problems I was facing. For example, I mentioned checking change in a shop can be difficult. I mentioned that if there’s a queue of people I can feel more self-conscious when I’m counting. He asked “what if there’s no queue?” Why would you ask this? Just to illustrate a less challenging scenario in an attempt to make me look less needy?

He asked me about needing directions in places and asked me “Can you approach someone?” Well, I can, but it’s difficult because of anxiety. So he wrote “yes.” The maths tests and other testing was too simple- if it had been slightly more complex he’d have noticed problems with concentration. He was asking for a diagnosis of depression, which I don’t have, despite being in psychotherapy on 2 separate occasions for that exactly. He did, however, have my most accurate psych assessment on his computer (which includes a recommendation for financial assistance).

So. Not as draconian as I’d expected. I was ready for the questioning, preparing myself to be as negative but as honest as possible. My mum left the room at one point so I could xplain that these mental probs led to self consciousness around women, which in turn led to what I called “addiction issues,” which he thought was drug use. “Not drugs, I said, internet.” “Is it porn?” he asked. So he pretty much understood. Mental probs led to failures with women led to esteem issues led to porn addiction. All connected. He seemed to accept this.

I’ll be contacted by post in 6-8 weeks (The NHS in 2016, people) with info on whether or not I’m successful. You can’t argue with the information we put forward, but it depends on how serious ATOS decide I am.

When I applied for DLA in 2011, I was in Social Services, and waiting for appointments with Neuropsychology. After this I’ve been in psychotherapy and psychosexual therapy, which are a fair bit more serious. Hopefully this will work in my favour when applying for PIP, as much as the original problem is a ballache.

Anyway. Aside from benefits, I’ve made some small progress- I went out to Guilty, got drunk and got molested by some girl with big boobs. Suffice to say, I (consensually) somewhat molested her back. We swapped numbers, she molested me a bit more then walked out of the bar. Some black guy was pissing himself at me throughout this. “What the fuck just happened?” I asked. I told him I was going to go crying to the Manchester Evening News saying “I was abused!”

I haven’t texted her yet. After tea.

2 thoughts on “As mentioned, had PIP appointment.

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