Dead end date and PIP refusal. Happy New Year, FFS

This house music event I mentioned was brilliant. SW came out and a few others did too. We had a good one and stayed all night thankfully. Danced all night until a gay guy hit on me at 2:50. Not long after this I pulled some drunk girl called D. She wasn’t really that fit, but we swapped numbers.

A few days later I went for a drink with her in an expensive part of Manchester where there was nowhere free to park, but thankfully the pub reimbursed me. We had a nice conversation and everything, but there was no spark. I’ve not heard from her.

Last night I went out to a swanky celeb haunt club with 2 girls. (Mates.) One of them pulled, but wasn’t into him. I said hi to a few people, but didn’t get anywhere. Even though I’ve pulled the last 2 times I’ve been there, it really isn’t that type of place. That said, I saw someone I liked but bottled it. Then some big black guy stepped in and pulled her. Hmm. As glamorous as everyone is in there, a lot of the girls aren’t actually that fit; they’ve just got expensive dresses on. Either that or they’re absolutely fucked out of their heads, meaning if you talk to them you look like a rapist.

So. Not the best of new years, not the worst. I think, though, there was something else playing on my mind that brought me down.

I mentioned I’d had a PIP assessment. I received a letter yesterday saying they’re flat-out refusing me any PIP and my DLA will stop in a few weeks.

I don’t know what more they want from me. They’ve seen my psych assessment, they’ve met my mum (who has verified all information), they know the details of the problem and where it has come from, they know I was on DLA for a few years, although not that many as I’d been repeatedly let down throughout my teens and twenties. So first I go to appeal. I’ll ask for advice in work ASAP, then possibly go to my MP or the papers.

So. A bit of a shite- no, challenging start to 2017. Whether I get PIP within the next month or not (probably not, seeing as everything takes so long) I will still need to stay in and save. January is always quiet, so it might as well stay that way.

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