Confidence Building Street Challenges Pay Off!

Went to a confidence building event on Saturday that involved talking to people in the street. People had different fears, so their challenges were suited accordingly. Mine involved asking women for their phone number. Tried it on with a few women. On Market Street women will walk straight past you as they’re approached by street sales reps and religious nutjobs on repeat anyway, so this wasn’t so much a challenge as just a chance to get ignored. Added to this, a lot of women are very plain people, and- as shallow as this sounds- I just don’t really go for them. I like good looking girls, and it’s when I see someone I like that my anxiety goes through the roof.

This changed when we strayed into Boots. The makeup counter is manned by hot young women, which of course sent my anxiety through the roof. One of them asked me if I needed anything. I just couldn’t make myself say, “yeah, your number.” My mate AA turned up at this event, which surprised me as I always thought he was a confident bloke. It seems he bottles it in the same way I do.

It was really valuable meetup and the next one may be at night, in the bars. I’m hoping to do this again on the street too. It only costs a quid to be part of the group and it’s exhilarating stuff. I broke a sweat just talking to people, and was pretty exhausted afterwards.

Later on I met a mate for food and drinks. We dropped into Albert’s Schloss, where I continued the trying on. I was a clumsy twat, saying the wrong things, but still managed to get 2 phone numbers. PM is a good mate but I never actually see him try it on with anyone. I’m talking to R and K at the moment. We’ll see what happens. They both had dark hair and R had big tits. I used a little bit of force to kiss on of them, but she liked it. I feel dirty saying that, but That’s all I can remember.

Still doing the mandatory reconsideration for PIP. Loads of info to include. Taking ages and hugely reliant on parents.

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