Albert’s Schloss girl wasn’t up for going out…



So she fell off the scene. A lot has happened since I last wrote. I pulled some other girl on a Tuesday night in Manchester. She asked for my Instagram, followed me, blocked me and didn’t respond to my texts. There were pictures of me with other girls on my Insta, but seriously. What the fuck. We had a date lined up too, but she obviously changed her mind. I would have preferred she was honest with me, but fuck it. Next!


Someone I met in a club a few month ago- a friend of a friend- has been saying she’s going to set me up with her niece. It’s taken a while but me and the niece are talking. She’s gorgeous. Dark hair, big boobs, brainy as fuck. I was supposed to be out with her tonight actually, but we’ve moved it onto next Friday.


Added to this, I’ve been prescribed Sertraline, an antidepressant. I’m hoping it can help me talk to girls. To my credit, the first night I started taking it was the Tuesday I got the other girl’s number. Sertraline makes me very drowsy. I’m supposed to take it in the morning, but I’ve started taking it when I get home from work and it doesn’t knock me out quite so bad.


I’ve talked to a few girls here and there, but I’m not finding the quick fix I’d hoped for with the pills. The problem I have is that I think women won’t like me because I have a learning difficulty. This, people keep telling me, is ridiculous. And until I change that mentality, I won’t overcome the fear and antidepressants probably won’t work. But hey, if nothing else has…

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