I’ve been on a date with the niece!



Not my niece, the niece of some girl I met at a club night ages ago. GR is a gorgeous girl. We talked on Facebook for a while and we arranged a date pretty quickly. She was keen to meet. It took a while before we found the time, but we got a restaurant date pinned down. We got food at a Chinese restaurant and got to know each other. She’s cool and we got on well, but we didn’t really flirt much. This was Friday night- since then we’ve talked on and off but she takes AGES to reply.

If she’s still replying, though, she must still be interested, so let’s see where it leads.

I met some other girl on Wednesday night in a club. I was steaming, though, and don’t remember a great deal. I texted her but she didn’t get back to me.

Still taking antidepressants. Not sure how effective they are on me- I still hesitate when talking to girls, but that said, I’ve picked up a few phone numbers recently. And as we are now into February, Manchester is getting busier and more people are able to come on nights out (of which I have loads planned).



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