I’m out of Sertraline


I’ve got an appointment with my GP tomorrow to discus how the antidepressant helped, or didn’t. I’m going to say I thought it helped at first but still didn’t get the boost I hoped for. I still freeze when I should be talking to women. It’s also knocking me out. I need to take it at the right time- too early and I’ll fall asleep in the afternoon. Too late and I can’t sleep.

It didn’t give me the kind of effect that MDMA did- I took that and walked straight up to the fittest girl in the club, pulled her, got her number, went into VIP with her and got her kissing her (equally fit) mate in front of me. Sertraline has not given me such success.

I’ve somehow put on 5kg in the last week, which is also a little depressing. I was doing well with weight loss. It seems to have come from one pizza as late as last night. Oh, and a few flapjacks. And peanut butter chocolate bars. Gah, I’ve been a fat fuck.

Only had 1 night out this week and it was a catchup with mates in The Whisky Jar, Liqour Store and The Red Door- not bad places, but not that good either. Town was dead anyway.

PIP mandatory reconsideration is in the post. Having to write about depression and porn addiction and then get feedback on it from an Asian Muslim woman is pretty awkward but a necessary evil. It looks like I’m going to score enough to get what I was getting from DLA. If it goes to appeal, the advisors I saw can come with me. Hopefully they’ll just give it to me.

Better nights out are planned. Let’s see how things go.

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