Weird week.


But isn’t every week. Weight has bounced back down. The PIP people are complaining they’ve not heard from me, when I asked them for an extension and my PIP Mandatory Reconsideration form should be with them now.

I was talking to my best female friend SW who knows GR, the girl I took to the restaurant who then ignored me. She tell me GR is in ‘a dark place’ at the moment and she won’t open up to anyone. Regardless, it’s out of order to accept a free meal and not even let the guy know where he stands afterwards. SW was in agreement on that.

I’ve got more Sertraline. I’ve missed a few days, so it’s not having the effect it should have. The doctor wasn’t too happy about that. As I need to take it in the afternoon, I’ve since been bringing my pill box with me to work and to other events just to take it at the right time and not miss a dose. He reckons, though, that it sounds like it’s had an effect. I’ve certainly tried to talk to women a little more frequently. I’ve just not had much actual success- probably because I’m still going to the same places that I can never pull in anyway.

Girl mate SF suggested I should stop trying to get pictures with girls. She says it’s a bit creepy. Well, shit. I guess I need to be told these things. It worked one time in 2014 with an 18-year-old, and I’ve been trying it ever since. I look like a massive man-slag on Instagram from all the pics with girls I never got anywhere with. But it looks like those days are over now. Time to be normal and chat people up properly.

And on that issue, I have stepped forward and said hi to a few people, but I dry up pretty quickly. I can’t keep a convo going. I need to be more confident and more of a showman, more of the person I want to be.

I was talking to SW last night. I asked her about GR, the girl I took to the restaurant (who subsequently stopped talking to me). SW said GR is in ‘a bad place’ at the moment. She’s stopped talking to her friends and family and shut herself off from everyone, apparently. Not sure I believe it. I always feel that people don’t want to tell me the truth- that I’m not good enough- or bad enough- for them. But it sounds like GR has some serious problems regardless. Either way, I’d have thought it was common decency to tell people what the score is. Pisstake.

4 nights out this week, zero phone numbers. Shocking.

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