Long Legs has gone Downhill


Back in September I visited lap dancing club Long Legs (blog here) and had a really good 2-girl dance on a Friday night. The next night I went to a swanky club (blog here) and pulled a fit blonde girl. I reckon getting the dance, having that physical contact and time spent talking to the girl, helped me to approach the blonde in the club the next night. (I was also fucked on MDMA, but that’s a separate issue.)

I thought it was about time I tried that again. I arranged to go back to the club on a Saturday- Saturday just gone- and I kept the Friday free. I got into Long Legs on Friday night at about midnight.

It was dead. There were only 4 dancers on and a handful of customers. I got talking to Georgie, a hot blonde scouser with big tits. She kept asking me to buy her a drink. She wouldn’t offer me a naughty 40 with another girl, like I had last time, so I just got a £10 dance off her. It was a nice dance but didn’t go on long and I didn’t have time to get hard. I might go back on a Saturday some time next month, when I’m doing a midweek night out.

Anyway. I went out the next night to the same swanky club I’d been to after the last trip to Long Legs. I got nothing. I approached a few people but they didn’t want to talk. Saw a few celebs. Nothing major. Well, I tried. I think Sertraline is helping but I’m not convinced it’s strong enough. I’ve requested a repeat prescription. Doctor last advised me to come back in April, in the appointment a month ago. So I might ask him to up the dosage.

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