I am an IDIOT Risk Taker

Out of Sertraline again. Picking up new batch tomorrow. No good at planning for these things.

Things have gone well though. Been on 4 nights out this week and on Friday I went to Flirt at Birdcage. Look at this exceptional branding opportunity.


I met a big-titted blonde 19-year-old, not a podium girl, pulled her, took her home and, being a total IDIOT, I fucked her bareback. I didn’t come, predictably, and so far I’m not feeling any side effects. She was a bit of a chav though. She said she was on the pill.

I’ve not spoken to her since I dropped her off, and she’ not been in touch either.

On Saturday I met up with BFF SW and after I’d gone she met up with GR, who I’d taken to the restaurant and who then sacked me off. GR apparently didn’t mention me.

There’s a party coming up in Newcastle this weekend. I’m going on my own as I can’t convince anyone else to book the time off. Interesting. I’ll have met a few people there before but only briefly. Will be a challenge talking to people but my mate MG convinced me to give it a shot. It just means a 260 round trip, after work, which is a bit of a mission. And it’s the kind of thing I struggle with, so will be a challenge.

OH AND, on the issue of struggling, I’ve heard back from ATOS re my PIP mandatory reconsideration. They’ve given me low scores but they can award me for part of what I was getting before. So a celebration is in order. More on this next week possibly.

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