Sarged, got a number

I went out on Bank Holiday Sunday on my own. Saw a few street fights, that about it. Didn’t go into any bars.

This week I’ve gone sarging with AA and MG. I got some girl’s number in the Arndale after trying to blag her into coming onto the nights out with the online social group. This is a way of practising talking to girls- blagging them into coming on the meetups rather than jut straight up saying ‘you’re fit.’ I was interested in her but if I did this with girls I’m not interested in, I’d relax and have more luck with the ones I am. And the social group would grow a lot, I expect.

I got a text back off this Arndale girl but she didn’t reply to my subsequent message. Whatever. I got somewhere. I’ll text her again tomorrow and maybe send her a link to my eponymous blog.

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