Finally pulled in the celeb club- and more!


I arranged a night out with the online social group to go to the celeb club on Thursday night. We started in Sakana where I met RA, a girl I assumed to be Indian but I later found out was Kuwaiti. She was trying to set me up with another girl in the group, M, who I’ve been on a few nights out with. But I’m not interested.

I never saw any sign that M was interested until after RA mentioned it, then I caught her checking me out. I was polite but gave her no IOIs. The sertraline was coursing through me so I decided to take leap of faith for once. “If I was to do anything with anyone in the group, it’d be with you.”

RA was cool with this. She lives in the city centre in an EXPENSIVE apartment, so we left and I drove to a nearby NCP, then walked to hers. Her apartment and view was stunning. We talked for a bit- she’s some kind of medical professional who has had breast reduction surgery as they were hurting her back. She left a good cup size on though. She was 21 and apparently has only had sex with 2 or 3 guys. She was good in bed, and I stayed hard, thank fuck. We didn’t bag up. She asked if I had any STDs. Then she smoked me off and I fucked her. She told me my dick is massive, and we had sex for ages. Didn’t cum as per. Decided to take a risk and told her I’m addicted to porn. She was cool with it.

Or so it seems. She hasn’t texted me back. Shame as she’s a gorgeous girl with beautiful soft skin.

Also: I’m in double figures now. I’ve shagged 10 girls. It’s just over 1 a year on average. Shit. Dunno whether that’s bad because it’s so high, so low, or just the fact that I’ve pretty much been single my whole life.

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