More People Latch On to SM Being Gay


I’ve mentioned a few times about a closet homosexual called SM, who’s part of a social group I attend. He knows to avoid me now. I’ve talked to a few people in the group and sometimes they seem bemused that I’d suggest he’s gay. Well, last night I got some proof.

I went out for female friend KS’ birthday. She wanted to go to some indie shithole, so me and male friend AA wandered the streets waiting for UFC to start (neither of us realised it wasn’t on for another 7 fucking days). We were talking about SM, and I told of how he’d put his hand on my leg when we’d been in the member’s bar, and how female friend RD, who’s quite close to SM, seemed bemused that I’d suggest he’s gay.

AA told me SM had given him a lift into town, and that when they’d been parked up at the lights SM had ran his hand delicately up AA’s arm. AA had to tell him to stop. And told him to get out.

So. It’s confirmed. Why SM isn’t more honest with people I don’t know, but he’s a creep either way. And how more people don’t notice I also don’t know.

Oh- AND- RA, the girl I fucked three weeks ago, finally got back in touch this week. She’s been ‘busy.’ She came out with the social group again on Friday, already drunk, and babbled incoherently at me. The gist I got was that she enjoyed our night together but she was regretful because she didn’t want to have one-night stands. Well, if you’d have responded to my text, I said, and met up with me again, it wouldn’t have been a one-night stand, would it? More incoherent babbling, then she went home.

The upside to Friday: I got out early and hung around at the meeting point bar. There was a hen do there, and one of the girls had huge tits, so I got talking to them. They grilled me about my job, etc. and they were keen to set me up with this girl. She had dark hair in a pony tail, a good arse in tight jeans, and good full boobs. We kissed but she was from miles away, so it went nowhere. But at least I made the move to talk to them.

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