Her Name is Kate

Well- I checked out Baby Platinum on Sunday night. One of the newest lap dancing clubs to open, It’s as opulent and as wallet-twatting as you’d expect. £20 in. Ouch. I showed them this lap dance voucher I’d got off the net, but the bar girl said the manager didn’t know anything about it. She mentioned that there’s some kind of offer on where you can get something validated at their sister outlet Baby Blue before being used in Platinum.


A black girl chatted me up at the bar. I had to ask her about blondie.




After asking a load of Silks dancers over Facebook, it seems nobody there knows her, so she’s probably not worked there for a while. It’s possible she’s moved to another bar.


Is it Kate?” she suggested.


Kate sounds familiar,” I said, but only because I’d found this picture of her on Facebook

that day.




Her name was underneath. No link to a Facebook page though. Still: what a fluke that this girl knows her from my description!


Amazing body,” she said. “No, Kate doesn’t dance any more. She’s gone back to hairdressing.”


I told her that was a real shame. I strangely wasn’t feeling it after that. None of the dancers were catching my eye. So I finished my drink and darted out of there. It cost me £23 for that information.


Two thoughts. One: Does hairdressing really pay better than dancing? I’ve no idea. Two: Was she just telling me this? Has Kate actually moved to another bar? If she has, this dancer wouldn’t tell me where she’s moved to because that’s where I’d go instead.


The bar was strangely quiet for a bank holiday Monday. But then, the whole of Manchester wasn’t that busy. So, I’m none the wiser really. If anyone knows her, by all means comment…


I should really move on and actually meet someone I can have sex with, though, instead of obsessing over presumably unobtainable lap dancers for 2 years like a dickhead.


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