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Feelin the dark hair ✌🏻️

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Can't wait to be back in Marbs for my 21st ✌🏻️ can't come quick enough

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Tb to being wonderwoman πŸ™‹πŸ»

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Another 1😎

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Posey af

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Fab quality

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🍭 bday tb

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Birthday night πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

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Wanna be back on holiday tho 😭

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Filter lovin

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Messy hotel πŸ‘€

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First day in Marbs ❀️

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Bday night out no.1 πŸŽ‰

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Hangover foodπŸ‘€

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Lara croftπŸƒπŸŽƒπŸ‘»

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What am I doing at home right now?

bunny man

Somewhere in an office in Manchester

I haven’t planned anything tonight. I’m staying in on a bank holiday as SF is abroad, PM is staying in, a load of mates are down in London and everyone else is broke. I didn’t ask anyone about tonight and no-one seems to be doing anything.

Me and AA have done some more sarging- talking to girls in the street- but I can’t be arsed with girls that I’m not interested in. It’s going to have to be Harvey Nicholls staff and the make-up counter girl in other shops as my targets from now on if we’re doing day game. I’m going to try to get them involved in the events I run rather than just straight up trying it on.

I went to an event on Friday night where a load of difficult people were in attendance, including SM, the closet homosexual that everyone hates. He walked up to me but saw the bitter coldness in my eyes and backed off, nodding. It was like he’s got used to people hating him, but he’s not latched onto why.

Saturday went out again- tried talking to a few people but didn’t get anywhere.

Tonight- no plans. Will have a scout around town in a bit.

Sarging failures


Went sarging on Saturday daytime with AA. Got nowhere. I think AA got a number off some Chinese girl. AA and I are looking for a pickup group in Manchester to meet others trying to build confidence with women.

Later on I went to Spinningfields and tried my luck, but again got nowhere. Felt like shit after this. I have the feeling I’ve accidentally ordered a higher dose of Sertraline, as I’ve started to feel the effects a bit more, although I’m not having collating success with confidence. Girl mate CEB said she’s been on it and was told not to drink at all. I remembered, after spending Β£9 on a Grapefruit and Berry cocktail, that I can’t have grapefruit as it accelerates the rate of the antidepressant’s absorption and can send me mental. So I gave it away.

Got some girl’s number but someone had approached her for me, kinda- well, we dualled the approach on these two girls- a ‘two-set’ as The Game calls it- but she was all like, β€œBut will I text back?”

She did not.

More nights out planned over Easter, so more attempts to pull will be made.

7 Days

7 days

Nothing to do with Craig David


Got my Sertraline back. Not convinced I’m on the same dose as before- in fact I think I’ve ordered a stronger one by accident.


I went out sarging- trying to chat up girls- with my mate AA. Neither of us got anywhere, just wandering down Oxford Rd, but we’re planning to do it again and to invite a few more people in. I’d really like to do it inside Harvey Nicks during the day and Spinningfields at night.


I was in work for half a day, the only time I was in work this week.


Went to a party MILES away from home where I knew virtually no-one. There were a few Z-listers there, who I won’t name, but there were also a load of models. I got talking to a couple of them- VK, a blonde, and EB, a redhead from Manchester- and somehow got their numbers. I’ll be honest- I was crapping myself, but I made myself go and say, β€œHi, I’m Pat,” and we got talking from there. Then I got invited to an afterparty in a club, and stayed with these two girls. My anxiety was going through the fucking roof. I tried to get to know them but it’s a little difficult when you’re getting brain freeze constantly through nerves. I could feel that my chances were slipping away from me.

Eventually, EB said, β€œRight, we’re going to try and get VK a man.”

Brutal. Subtitled: You had your chance and you blew it.

I had a wonder around but didn’t see much that I liked, or if I did they were on podiums and too difficult to talk to. I got busted taking a couple of creepshots. People can feel when there’s a camera on them.

Then I went back to EB and VK. β€œAny luck?” I asked.

No. VK, despite being blonde and gorgeous, couldn’t find a man. It was probably another cue that I missed. I should have said, β€œHow do you feel about me?” Or β€œHow can you not find a man? You’re gorgeous.” Or something. I dunno.

She left not long after. But hey, we’ve got each other on Facebook and are talking.

The strip club, which I’d been to some years ago, was still there but was shut. I tried it on with a few girls on the street but they were surprisingly sharp-tongued. I remember people from this area being much more friendly. Oh well.


Early night.


Had an evening meal with the family. I have four young second cousins who are under 5. I farted and it stank so badly. My cousins were checking their babies’ nappies, saying, no, it’s not one of mine.

Tee hee.

Went out to Manchester not long after this to a new club. Waited in a bar for AGES from friends to turn up. Went to the club, and from the outside it looked SHIT so we went to Guilty, which I still don’t like even though I’ve pulled twice there. I waited a bit then went home.


Gym. That about it.

In other news, I’ve not heard from the girl from Flirt last week, which is probably for the best.

And that is all.

I am an IDIOT Risk Taker

Out of Sertraline again. Picking up new batch tomorrow. No good at planning for these things.

Things have gone well though. Been on 4 nights out this week and on Friday I went to Flirt at Birdcage. Look at this exceptional branding opportunity.


I met a big-titted blonde 19-year-old, not a podium girl, pulled her, took her home and, being a total IDIOT, I fucked her bareback. I didn’t come, predictably, and so far I’m not feeling any side effects. She was a bit of a chav though. She said she was on the pill.

I’ve not spoken to her since I dropped her off, and she’ not been in touch either.

On Saturday I met up with BFF SW and after I’d gone she met up with GR, who I’d taken to the restaurant and who then sacked me off. GR apparently didn’t mention me.

There’s a party coming up in Newcastle this weekend. I’m going on my own as I can’t convince anyone else to book the time off. Interesting. I’ll have met a few people there before but only briefly. Will be a challenge talking to people but my mate MG convinced me to give it a shot. It just means a 260 round trip, after work, which is a bit of a mission. And it’s the kind of thing I struggle with, so will be a challenge.

OH AND, on the issue of struggling, I’ve heard back from ATOS re my PIP mandatory reconsideration. They’ve given me low scores but they can award me for part of what I was getting before. So a celebration is in order. More on this next week possibly.