Out with model EB


Last night I went to a couple of swanky bars with a model called EB, who I mentioned I met a year ago.  I’ve met up with her a few times since I met her, but I eventually got around to asking an important question.

When I met EB, she was with her mate VK, who was single. I tried it on but I didn’t really know what to say. I wasn’t sure if VK was interested. Having met up with EB a few times, I decided to see what the deal was. EB said yes, VK was interested, and I did drop the ball. Added to that, though, VK is really messed up according to EB. She’s got a lot of problems. Haven’t we all, though- EB herself said she was sexually abused as a child.

Added to the confusion, EB is now single- she wasn’t when she met me. She’s hot. Great tits. She’s getting attention from guys a lot, and she’s clear with other people that we’re mates, but we’re still going to flirt when we meet up. We’ll see what happens. Probably nothing. But she can be practice.

EB brought her mate DD out, a hot, big-titted tattooed model. We’d met briefly before, but she didn’t remember me much. Again, tried, but she pulled some other guy who was completely different to me.

Feeling like I’ve let myself down a bit, but glad I’ve found answers to a few questions.

Dead End Date, WTC

So on Friday night I went on a date with a girl I briefly met a couple of weeks ago at an event. I couldn’t really remember much about her but my mate was suggesting I get in there, so I thought I’d give her a shot. We were supposed to go to Bosu, a health bar on Cross St for low-fat snacks, but it was shut so we shot around the corner to Be At One, and hammered a few cocktails.

She’s a nice girl and everything but there’s no magic there at all- no attraction from me at least. I called it off.

DWP are sending my stress levels through the roof at the moment, stalling on things. Dealing with very long phone conversations that are going round in circles. Very frustrating for me and my parents. I’m being told I’m supposed to be on WTC, then UC, then back to WTC again. Noboy has a clue.

Beautiful girls in Socialite

Socialite is Club LIV‘s Thursday night event. I used to go but I was under the impression that the girls in there were only interested in black guys, if they wanted to pull at all. Trying to strike up conversation in there was like talking to the fucking wall. I kept going back, though, because my mates liked it, and they were all like, ‘It’s not just about pulling…’

They were right. It’s also about enjoying the environment and music and generally enjoying yourself- none of which I could do in LIV. So I fucked it off.

The girls, particularly on a Thursday, though, were frequently stunning. Take a look.



A few of Amy’s insta pics have appeared on this blog.



Girl on the right is possibly my favourite. I bottled talking to her






Saw this girl in Hostory, bottled talking to her though



Guy on the right is a CREEP. Stares at people a lot. Tried it on with SF and got blown out.


Yes, that is former boxing champ Ricky Hatton.


Kady McDermott from Love Island


Sent a quick text to KPB


I went out for food with a few mates, girls and guys. I told them about KBP and how we slept together without having sex. They all thought it was weird and that she probably felt rejected. I was pretty fucked off that not one of them understood that there’s a pace that I need to work to and shagging people before I feel comfortable with them is a recipe for disaster.

Hence I texted KBP and asked her what she thought. She said she felt awkward, but didn’t want sex so didn’t feel rejected. She wanted to ‘get a bit wild and boozy and smoke a little.’

Hmm. Well, smoking is a deal breaker for me, so fair enough. Also, as ruthless as this sounds, I want someone a bit more glamorous.

So. Square one. Been away this weekend so nothing has happened to say.

I met KBP’s parents


Went to a Northern Quarter bar to meet the lovely KBP and her parents. Her dad, a floppy-haired guy with an undercut and fading sleeve tattoos, loved to dance up and down the bar. Her mum was quite glam, with nice conversation. I thought I made a good impression.

At one point a girl came over to me to chat me up, which only happens, of course, when I’m already with someone. When I told her I was already out with a girl AND her parents, her face dropped. She was mortified. She still gave me a kiss on the cheek though.

Get this though, KBP’s Dad was telling me to go for this same random girl. I told him, “It’s your daughter that I want.” He was like, “Yeah, but you gotta keep your options open…”


Still, I wanna see KBP again. We’ll see.

Well, it was a more exciting week, to a degree.


I’ve got over flu, been to work and gone out this weekend last night.

I met girl mate SF in a bar, when some random guy phones me with a heavy manc accent asking about a girl I pulled in a club a few weeks ago- I forgot to blog about this.

I got talking to a young girl with HUGE tits called KG, who was only 16 and must have got in with a fake ID. She was gorgeous, as bad as this sounds. A few minutes after pulling her she disappeared. I texted her towards the end of the night asking if she was still in. I got no response so headed home, but on the way to my car she phoned me asking who I was. She’d completely forgotten about me.

The next day I offered my Instagram handle so she could see if she recognised me. She didn’t. It was going nowhere.

So anyway, the phone rang last night- a withheld number- I answer, and this guy is saying that KG, who I pulled, has got facial herpes and she might have given it to me. And she’s 14. I started to smell bullshit. But I also started to think, what if? I hung up on him.

KG texted me a few minutes later saying ‘that was my mate she was only bantering’- it turns out it was a girl. With a deep voice. I asked her if she got in with a fake ID. She did, and told me ‘don’t grass.’ (The club ID’s everyone, meaning the system doesn’t work for shit. If underagers can get in, blacklisted criminals or whoever else can too.) I asked her again how old she was. 16. Not admirable to be pulling someone that young when you’re mid 30s, but not illegal either.

Pulled some girl called A, blonde and pretty decent looking, not amazing, but young. About 19. I approached her. I’ve texted her tonight but I’ve not heard back. What next, I wonder…

Went to a party in a far away city…


…surrounded by girls in bikinis, with only one of the said girls as a wingwoman, someone who may be flirting with me, but I’m too dumb to notice. Stress levels: through the roof. So many fit girls who can just smell the special needs on me, the disappointment, the clumsiness. Went to an afterparty in a gay bar. Tried it on with a fit Indian / Arab girl who immediately ranted at me that she’s ‘not the kind of girl you want to approach’ and that her family owns land, and that the bar was not her kind of place. So. Worst put-down I’ve had in a while, but whatever. I’m attracted to girls of all ethnicities but I only ever get anywhere with white girls.

Well, okay, there was RA, who was Kuwaiti. I nailed her a few months back. But she was the last one.

Forgot to bring Sertraline to the party, but survived without it. Got back very late, screwed up my body clock and haven’t recovered. Felt crappy ever since. Interesting night though.